Welcome to my new blog—a place to live loud, live colorfully, and live with heART! I’ve joined a few on-line creative communities for the coming year. I will be making art of various kinds and want a place to share what I’m doing.

If you want to read my musings and ponderings and join me as I celebrate “My Personal Year of Jubilee” (I’m halfway through my 49th year, heading toward my 50th birthday in May), check out my original blog here.

If you want to see photos and read about our life and work in Navajoland, check out this blog.

If you want to see lots of color and hear about my ideas and thoughts as I create art, stick with me here on this blog!

Back in the fall my sister sent me some money with the stipulation that I spend it on myself. That’s harder than I thought! I love finding little gifties for friends, books for the family, on-sale clothes for my kids, and more. But spending money for things I would normally never splurge on for myself? That’s HARD!

So…I went on a first-time-ever-for-me weekend scrapbooking retreat with a friend. Great fun!

And I signed up for an on-line Christmas Journal class. I stretched myself by moving away from my usual scrapbooking format and worked on making a little altered book. I will post photos here at some point…

And, most exciting of all, I joined a zillion others from around the world for Life Book 2012—an on-line mixed-media year long class. Every few weeks there will be another project with different amazing teachers/artists so that by the end of the year we will have 15 pages completed for a Life Book celebrating ourselves and our heARTS.

The first project was released on New Year’s Day—and you should have seen the hype and the excitement on-line as the class was about to go on-line. I took a quick peak before heading to bed…oops! bad idea!

Then I was up for a few hours working on drawing the “inner me.” By the time I finished I was quite excited. It actually looked fully human! That’s astounding to me…I can draw anything else and make it look realistic. But trying to draw humans usually leaves me frustrated and slightly fearful of the distorted beings I’ve put on paper. But look! Following the teacher’s instructions, I actually did a good job!

Here’s an initial sketch.Initial Sketch - 1st project

And here it is colored in with water-soluble pastels. (Yes, I did this on my bed, sketchbook in lap, computer instructions right beside me.) Colored sketchHere is the finished page–with flap closed. Eventually I will add a small photo of myself to the bottom of the flap…

finished page closed - 1st project

“Reach for the Inner Me”

Here it is opened so you can see the theme—Reach for the Stars! with a list of my strengths.

finished page open - 1st project

“Reach for the Stars!”

And here is a detailed look at my “star qualities list”

closeup 1 - 1st project

“My Inner Star Qualities”

Here is a closeup of the face I drew. Because it is the “Inner Me” I added a few wrinkles, reading glasses, and blue hair. Notice it is BRIGHT blue hair so there’s still plenty of feistiness in this woman! (I realized after I colored it all in that the mouth is much smaller than mine…but it still looks good so I am celebrating this achievement…I will try to change the proportions next time…)

closeup 2 - 1st project

Close-up of “Clary Sage” — the inner me!

Finally, on the back of the project page I added this character’s name. She is “Clary Sage.” I don’t really know where the name came from…but it is a play on both “sage” meaning wise person and living here in Navajoland, surrounded by a “sagebrush sea” in every direction. It is “Clary Sage” because that sounds prettier, more like a name. I also thought it was cool when I looked up that plant to discover it helps give clear sight, relieves anxiety, and quiets fears. Sure sounds like what I want in the coming year!

back side - 1st project

back side of finished project…

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