“Tearing Down the Walls”

Here is my second project for the on-line Life Book course. As I mentioned yesterday, I absolutely love the colorful marbled background I made. It was quite intimidating to draw figures on that lovely background–worried about messing it up and not being able to just start over.

sketch 1Sketch One…(actually sketch five or six…but the first ones are so bad only the trash can gets to see them!) Cross-hatching looks cartoonish, and figures do not have the look I want…

sketch 2MUCH happier with this sketch, although I don’t like the poofy sleeves on older me, and I can’t get the clasped hands to look right…

final projectThe wall came in handy…I hid the misshappen clasped hands behind it! I really like how this turned out. Most of the shading (via hatching/cross hatching) turned out fine. The older me face shading blurred a little bit when I used the water-color crayons…but that’s okay.

The focus of this assignment was “light and dark.” I decided to focus on young me–hiding behind walls, LAUGHing outside while crying inside, LOVEing in superficial ways, and LIVEing hidden and safe from anyone’s knowledge. The older me has torn down those walls (for the most part) and is LIVEing in freedom with color and boldness, LOVEing with commitment and perserverance, and LAUGHing even through the tears.

Here are a few more closeups of the words:

words closeupwords closeup

words closeupwords closeup

Finally, here are a few more closeups of the figures:

figure 1 closeup

figure 2 closeup

closeup of figuresCan’t wait to see what the next assignment is! One more week to wait…

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