Lifebook 2012–House of Dreams

Anna and I are participating in Lifebook 2012. (There is still time to join the fun—HERE) The good news is that this is a go-at-your-own pace course! Otherwise Anna and I would have been kicked out long ago…

This assignment was to make our “House of Dreams” — a place to figuratively put our dreams. It was made clear that once we identify our dreams, we need to focus on little steps to be taken TODAY, not focus on some possible future to the detriment of what is going on in our lives today.

The instructor for this lesson urged that we destroy our houses, as a reminder to not live focused on the future. But like many others in the class, we couldn’t bear to do that. We will include our wonderful “House of Dreams” in our LifeBook at year’s end.

Here is Anna’s finished creation—a bright and colorful TREEHOUSE, with additional rooms leading from ground to branches under the tree. She wrote some of her dreams on the back of her page.

annas treehouse

Anna’s TREE-House of Dreams

Here is my finished page—a wildly colorful GYPSY CARAVAN. The main part lifts up, with dreams written inside. When I was pondering what shape my “house” should take, this came to mind. I love the idea of a house that moves here and there as desired. And I love how real-life gypsy caravans are all brightly painted.

my gypsy caravan

My colorful GYPSY-CARAVAN House of Dreams

If you care to see it, here are some photos of the process:

First we brainstormed what sort of “houses” we wanted to use. We did some research and made some quick sketches:

my quick sketchNext, we drew our houses and colored them in. Anna used markers. I used watercolor crayons, then brushed the picture with water to smooth the colors and make them more intense:annas markers

my watercolor crayonsAnna decided to do her drawing directly on the page. I chose to collage some bright scrapbook papers behind my Gypsy Caravan:scrapbook papers

collage backgroundWhen Anna decided to add some extra rooms under the tree, she drew them first on paper to make sure they would fit. Then she drew them again, cut them out, and colored them in. She added them to her page with glue-dots to make them pop out a little bit. She also added a flower border at the bottom of her page. I added dimension by cutting out the wheels on my caravan and attaching them to the background page with little flower-shaped paper brads:extra rooms

extra rooms in colorI cut out paper with colorful frames (from a pad of papers by American Girls company) and fit it under my Gypsy Caravan so my list of dreams is hidden. Anna chose to put her piece of the paper on the back of her page:journaling pieces

my hidden journalinganna journaling placeI love these bright, whimsical “House of Dream”s!! And it is always fun to do some art together with my daughter…

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