Another Art Project at School

Before the school year ended, I led one final art project with “my” 1st Graders. This time we read about Van Gogh and looked at photos of a number of his paintings. We focused on his “wiggly flowers.”

van gogh sunflowers

Van Gogh’s “Wiggly Flowers”

With a little bit of fear and trembling on my part (just THINK of the mess these kids might make…what if they get paint on their clothes?…what if they spill paint all over the desks and floor??…), I passed out ceramic tiles, paper “palettes,” and paintbrushes. I gave each student a choice of 3-4 colors. With a zillion warnings from me to :”BE CAREFUL!” they started painting, trying to copy Van Gogh’s loose and wiggly lines.

working hard

Students hard at work…and no mess!

Here are the finished tiles before they were glazed and fired in the kiln:

finished work

Our Van Gogh “garden”

It’s a good thing the students didn’t see me “ruining” their tiles by covering each tile with what will eventually be a clear glaze.

hidden tiles

The glaze goes on turquoise to make sure every bit of the work is covered…

The tiles were fired in the kiln. They turned out to be beautiful! (IS there any artwork by children that is not beautiful?!) Before the kids come back to school in July, we will mount the tiles to a half-wall on the playground. What fun to have your art work displayed in public for years to come!

Here are the proud artists with their finished Van Gogh style Sunflowers:

missing artist

This artist has yet to see his finished tile since he was absent at the end of the school year…

artist 1artist 2artist 3artist 4artist 5artist 6artist 7artist 8artist 9artist 10artist 11

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