Global Heart Swap

I recently participated in a “HeART Exchange” sponsored by Your Heart Makes a Difference, a blog I regularly read. You can read more about this project HERE.

After I signed up, I realized this was a bit intimidating. What would my swap partner think of what I made for her? Would it be too wild? Would she be disappointed? I knew I would enjoy ANY little gifties made for me…but what kind of person would my partner be?

I finally figured out what to make…and a trip to Hobby Lobby gave me the last few bits to pull the project all together. I started with a copy of the larger heart I made a few months ago for a friend. I made this one much smaller than the original. I colored it carefully with markers—the smaller size was a challenge at times.

a colorful heart

I cut out 3 sections—places for my partner’s heart to fill in what is specific to her. I cut out the heart with ripple-edged decorative scissors. I lifted the heart on big fat glue-dots, added mask stickers and a piece of a brightly colored feather boa. I chose turquoise as the background—both because I like that color AND because my swap partner had recently chosen turquoise background fabric for chairs (according to her blog site, found HERE.)

heart swap project

I packaged up the art, along with a note written on lovely butterfly covered stationery, and sent it on its way….all the way around the world to New Zealand. I left for a trip a few days later…and had to wait until my return to find out what my partner made for me.

my heart swap package

Oh What FUN I had, looking through all the bits and pieces, honored that these things had been made specially for ME!

I especially loved the rich, creamy hand lotion…in my favorite scent of lavender. Apparently I was the “guinea pig” — this was the test product that my swap partner later helped a class to make. (Read about the class HERE.)

hand lotion

There were also 3 notecards–on a sewing/quilting theme. I’m getting ready to use the first one when I send a little package to a crazy-about-quilting friend of mine.

sewing note cards

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with these “affirmation cards.” I’m thinking about putting them around my house as neat reminders…but then again, maybe I should send them in notes to friends?? Or maybe I will use them in an art journal or scrapbook…

affirmation cards

Finally, my swap partner included a nice long letter…on a notecard showing animals and plants of New Zealand. And she sent a photo of a favorite place/view. (She may never understand how special that WATER-FILLED, trees-changing-color photo is to this easterner transplanted to the arid southwest!)

new zealand images

Oh…and I almost forgot. My daughter Anna absolutely LOVED the big pink rose that was part of the packaging. It is now a lovely hair ornament for Anna’s dolls ๐Ÿ™‚

rosy doll

Will I do this again? You bet I will. It was worth every moment of angst…to hear that my swap partner enjoyed what I made for her, and to receive a fun package filled with lovely gifties. I’m looking forward to the next HeART Exchange…and I just may go looking for other art swaps on-line!

One thought on “Global Heart Swap

  1. I did have a wee giggle because I too suffered angst about the swap as well. I was fine once I had sent it but then when I got your package I was like eeeeks I hope mine is good enough ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you enjoyed the goodies. BTW use the affirmation cards anyway you want, whether its sending them onto friends like you suggested ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you loved the photo, it really is such a beautiful place. For me there is something magical about water. Glad the rose found a good home.

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