LifeBook Butterflies: Honoring Your Future

Anna and I finally finished another art project for LifeBook 2012. The markings added to the butterflies are things we envision in our future.

We started by drawing the butterflies. The easiest way to make them (mostly) symmetrical is to draw a rectangle, then draw lines in the box.

step 1

It can take concentration to draw similar wings on both sides of the middle line.

step 1

There are as many different styles of butterfly wings as you have imagination! Long and skinny butterflies, short and stubby butterflies, sleek ones, stylized ones, and more…

step 2

Once the butterfly is drawn to your satisfaction, it is time to start adding significant symbols, things that represent your own life and/or your envisioned future. Anna chose to use markers for her butterfly. She added symbols of each of the places she has lived in her life.

step 2

Rather than making one large butterfly, I chose to make 5 smaller reminders of this year’s transition to the second half of life (with my recent 50th birthday in May). Represented are the mini Triathlon I am training for, this past year of writing and art, a wonderful trip to London, helping hands, and the 50th birthday itself. I used my new favorite art supply–watercolor crayons.

step 2

In the original Lifebook project, the background was part of the same page as the butterfly. Anna and I chose to make the background on separate paper. First we made a clear border around the page.

step 3

Initially I thought I would fill the middle of my background page with abstract yellows and greens representing leaves and vines and new growth. However, the vines started growing out of the borders—then sprouted leaves!

step 3

Anna filled the center of her background page with large, abstract “flowers” for her butterfly to sit on.

step 4

Eventually my background painting moved from horizontal to a vertical orientation as a big “Tree of Life” took root on the page! (And this soft muted look is one of the reasons I have fallen in love with watercolor crayons.)

step 5

Here is Anna’s finished project. Both of us chose to use large “glue dots” to attach the butterfly wings—giving it a dimensional look. Isn’t her project full of FUN and WHIMSY?!

finished project

And here is my finished project…whimsical but much softer than Anna’s page.

finished project

2 thoughts on “LifeBook Butterflies: Honoring Your Future

  1. Wait, when did the new categories, tags, and look show up? This is fun! As well as the beautiful butterflies, of course 😀

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