Scrapbookin’ My Friends

I recently had the privilege of spending a weekend at a beautiful camp in southern New Mexico, scrapbooking night and day from Thursday night through Sunday morning. I completed an entire album titled “Girls and Girlfriends.” Since my two older girls were able to join me at the “crop,” it seemed fitting to focus on all the times, places, and ways I have enjoyed being together with my girls and with other women in my life.

Tonight I wanted to share scans of the “Girlfriends” section of the scrapbook. Eventually I want to add 2 more pages with photos and stories about some of the on-line friends I have made during the past few years…

Intro Page for Girlfriends’ Section

Sharon has been a close friend for many years. We have walked through difficult times and celebrated wonderful times together. When I moved across the country, we set a standing weekly phone date to keep up with each others’ lives. (You can read more about this Grace-full Girlfriend on my personal blog HERE.)


“Of all good things upon the earth, a faithful friend is best.”
Heart to Heart…classy vs. colorful…introvert vs. extrovert…quiet vs. bold…careful vs. quirky

Ang (Angela) has been a sneak-away-from-home-after-the-kids-are-in-bed friend for a number of years. We have enjoyed hours of chatting over a cup of (decaf) coffee, often staying up way too late at night as we solved all the world’s problems…or at least a few of our personal frustrations and parenting challenges! Ang joined me in London for one week this summer…what fun!

“Travel through life with friends”

We visited Platform 9 3/4…Unfortunately…

…I misplaced my friend! (Hogwarts apparently needed a financial wizard!)
(Ang does accounting in real life)

I have known Anne for a number of years as well. We have walked together through health problems, cancer, and the death of our sons. We have cried together, encouraged each other, prayed for each other, and cheered the other on! We are celebrating that both of us (and our families) are moving on to much happier, healthier, hope-filled places…

Celebrating Baby W’s safe arrival 🙂

“Keep HOPE in your heart”

Julie is a fellow skater-mom. We proudly watched our “rink-rats” dance on the ice together. We shared families, homes, and chauffeuring responsibilities. And Julie shared her families house on “the Rock,” an island in Lake Erie. We enjoyed the slower pace and the tradition of stopping everything to watch the sunset each night. Thanks for sharing, Julie!

sharing our kids together…

Jacquie is technically my boss at the local school…but we have become friends as well. She dragged me to my first overnight scrapbooking retreat last fall. (yeah, right…I was celebrating all the way there and back!!) She has also included our family in holiday celebrations with her family at their cabin up in the mountains.

New Mexican “amigas”

Jennifer is my Canadian friend, eh?! We met at the pool in a condo complex in Cleveland. Our boys had fun together, and as busy moms we have had much to commiserate over! We have our inside jokes and memories of times spent together. Somehow, tho’ we rarely see each other or even talk together, we have kept contact on-line over the years.

Do you remember that knight at Medieval Times? whewwwwww!!

Ruth and I have shared peanut butter chocolate pie, cockatiels, and big hugs. We try to support each other through rough times and fun times. We can usually make the other one SMILE!

…and don’t forget to BREATHE!

As you can see, I found lots of places and uses for the wild, vibrant colors I love. At the same time, I also tried to tone it down and use more classic patterns and colors for my more classic friends.

For some of these friends, these are probably snapshots of friendships that will become more distant over time and over separation across the country. I expect that some of these friendships will continue to grow and stay strong. Either way, I’m excited to have captured some of these special women in my life right now!

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