The FUN of receiving art in the mail!

I follow a number of artsy blogs at this point. I love having fun or beautiful art appear in my inbox on a regular basis. Some days it gives me inspiration. Some days it makes me smile. Some days I am encouraged to join in on the creativity that is flowing.

Every so often some of my favorite artists have giveaways on their sites. It is fun to enter, wondering if (when?) MY name/comment will be chosen by the random generator to receive some of the lovely art.

It is even more fun to be notified that I’ve won. Then there is anticipation for days (weeks sometimes!) as I walk down the driveway and check the mailbox. When, oh when, will the package finally appear? Kind of like Christmas…but even better cuz it’s an unexpected time of year!


Painting by Kirstin McCulloch

Here is one painting I won a few months ago. It is entitled “Prepared.” It is a mixed media piece made by Kirstin McCulloch. She has a delightful way of illustrating simple words in a lovely thought provoking way. The art can certainly stand on its own…but her explanations and ponderings on her blog make the art even better! PLEASE check out Kirstin’s blog HERE.

Details about Kirstin’s painting…

Kirstin entitled her blog “Listening to the Squeak Inside.” Seems to me that this artist has moved beyond a mere squeak and has started to ROAR! Can’t wait to see more of your work, Kirstin! Thanks for sharing something lovely with me in my mailbox…and more inspiration in my inbox.

I won another giveaway earlier in the summer. I participated in a free on-line art/journaling course through “The Words of Me Project.” Leslie gave us a new word weekly, inspirational quotes, writing prompts, and art ideas. It was great fun to play along. Check out Leslie’s blog and consider joining in her latest free art-journaling project HERE.

Mixed Media Collage by Leslie

I was happy to receive this little collaged art piece (and a number of other fun cards, stamps and ribbon) in a gift package. As our family is facing uncertainty and coming changes, this is an excellent reminder to CELEBRATE, even during stressful times. This little painting is tucked into a bookshelf near my bed so I am reminded of its message each morning and evening. Thanks, Leslie! I know you have been going through some hard times yourself…but you still manage to bring inspiration and encouragement to others.

One thought on “The FUN of receiving art in the mail!

  1. Jill – Thank you so much for your amazing shout out!! I am so happy you are enjoying ‘Prepared’ – I couldn’t think of a more worthy winner!
    Kirstin x
    (p.s. I have put a link up on my blog + Facebook page x)

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