Mini Art Challenge

I decided to participate in Index Card a Day 2013 (ICAD). The challenge is to make art on an index card each day. The idea is that doing mini art is less intimidating and takes less time, therefore being more likely to actually be both started and completed. If you would like more information about this art challenge click HERE. The sponsor of this project gives daily prompts and weekly challenges. She just put together collages of cards for specific prompts. You can see really this really cool art HERE.

I love the idea of doing mini art. I’m excited to try new styles, techniques, and art supplies. But, I must confess, although I read the prompts, I’m too free-spirited to follow along. After pondering for awhile, I decided to set my own theme for the summer. Since I am a voracious reader, I am doing an Index Card a Day to illustrate or represent what I read that day. I pretty quickly realized I’m not going to actually get out the supplies and make art every single day. I have managed to write down the title/author/and illustration idea on a card each day, to be completed at a later time when I can do a number of projects all at once.

Here is what I have finished so far:

"Street Magic" by Tamora Pierce

“Street Magic” by Tamora Pierce

This is a ball-point pen drawing of the magical, moving, blooming tattoos on Briar’s hands…I enjoy occasionally re-reading the various series written by this author. This time I’m reading them at the same time as my youngest daughter so we can talk about the books.

"Probing the Mysteries of the Maya" -- article in Smothsonian Magazine, May 2011

“Probing the Mysteries of the Maya” — article in Smithsonian Magazine, May 2011

I have always been fascinated by the stone carvings and glyphs made by the ancient Maya. I have taken lots of photos of things we have seen in person. This is the first time I have tried to draw one (based on a photo in the article). It’s harder to do than it might look! This was done with colored ball-point pen.

"The Wind in the Door" by Madeleine L'Engle

“The Wind in the Door” by Madeleine L’Engle

This is also a re-reading of a favorite from childhood. The card was done with water color crayons, scrapbook markers, and a real feather glued onto the card.

"Dear Photograph" by Taylor Jones

“Dear Photograph” by Taylor Jones

This was an interesting book with examples of a fascinating project started by the author. There is now a website with submission from readers. The idea is to take an old photo, return to the same location, and take a current photo with the old one in the picture. This card was done with water color crayons and a scrapbook marker. If I had easy access to old photos, I would have tried putting a mini copy directly on the card…

"Entering the Stone: On Caves and Feeling Through the Dark" by Barbara Hurd

“Entering the Stone: On Caves and Feeling Through the Dark” by Barbara Hurd

I relax and feel at peace any time I am in a cave. This book was a fascinating blending of real-life caving experiences and philosophizing about what came to light in the author while she was in the dark places. I made this card with collaged bits of “darkness” torn from magazines. The sunlight was done with yellow water color crayons. The glowing blue light entering the cave was done with nail polish!

"Brave Intuitive Painting: let go. be bold. unfold." by Flora Bowley

“Brave Intuitive Painting: let go. be bold. unfold.” by Flora Bowley

This was both a beautiful book to look at and an inspirational book to read. There was a monochromatic line drawing similar to this in the book. I chose to make it bright and colorful and add a few more details using water color crayons.

"Braving Home" by Jake Halpern

“Braving Home” by Jake Halpern

I had never really thought about people who cling to their home-places, even when nature or governments are trying to drive them out. The author visited individuals in a wide variety of locations and wrote about what he found. I made this card as a collage cut from a welcome-to-your-new-home card we received after our recent move. I added words along both sides which list the locations included in this book.

"UP: A mother and daughter's peakbagging adventure" by Patricia Ellis Herr

“UP: A mother and daughter’s peakbagging adventure” by Patricia Ellis Herr

I really want to grow up as this mom’s daughter!! She introduced her 5 year old to easy climbs in New Hampshire. This caught her daughter’s fancy and they climbed the highest peaks in New Hampshire before her daughter turned 7. I decided I didn’t want to make “real” mountains for this card. I tried making zentangle-like arrows, playing with both the “UP” title and the mountain theme. As usual, I used scrapbooking markers with water color crayons for the background.

"An Irish Country Doctor" by Patrick Taylor

“An Irish Country Doctor” by Patrick Taylor

Meet the James Herriot of people-doctoring. This card did not turn out like I envisioned it…but I like it anyway. It was done by collaging bits torn from magazines and adding details with scrapbook markers and water color crayons. If I could do it over, I would try to make all the lines look more like stone fences dividing the fields…

"Monkey Dancing: A father, two kids, and a journey to the ends of the earth" by Daniel Glick

“Monkey Dancing: A father, two kids, and a journey to the ends of the earth” by Daniel Glick

I always enjoy reading about travel adventures. Families included is an extra bonus for me. The theme of this trip for the author was “before they’re gone” which referred to seeing endangered species, enjoying time with his kids before they leave home, and remembering his brother who died young. This drawing was done with the usual materials with the addition of blue nail polish. This time, I was less happy with the results. I think I might have gotten more of the look I was hoping for if I had tried sparkly dimensional paint. The critter is a Crown of Thorns starfish. Even though these creatures are destroying the Great Barrier Reef, they are awesome and amazing looking. Do an online search for photos…

"Good-enough Mother" by Rene Syler

“Good-enough Mother” by Rene Syler

A practical, down-to-earth story of mommy-ing by a celebrity. I tried drawing some cartoon-y faces, using my usual art supplies.

"His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina" by Danielle Steel

“His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina” by Danielle Steel

Rather than drawing the author’s son, this is somewhat of a silhouette of my own daughter who struggles with bi-polar. I collaged a photo of a campfire, representing the warmth, light, beauty, and dancing creativity of these kids who spend so much time in dark places.

Lesson #1 from "The Law of Love" a study on Deuteronomy by Beth Moore

Lesson #1 from “The Law of Love” a study on Deuteronomy by Beth Moore

I’m participating in a weekly women’s group where we are studying this book. This was what jumped out at me during the first lesson–God is pointing toward what He wants me to see, toward a vision for my life.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these first cards from the summer challenge. Let me know if you decide to play along…I would love to see what YOU do!

10 thoughts on “Mini Art Challenge

  1. Jill, You are such a creative lady! I love your cards, but am captured by two – the idea of returning to a place and taking a photo of the old photo taken at the same place ——-& the internal flames, etc. of a bi-polar; what a captivating idea.
    Love you, Gal.

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