What to Do When Nothing Looks Right…

I figured it is only fair to share some problems faced in the process of making mini-art. Most of these little cards start with an idea based on the book I’m trying to represent. In the case of this book, I had a very clear image of what I wanted to do. There was a photo in the book of the brightly colored NASA weather map of Super Typhoon Nida. This storm played a central role in some of the extreme surfing described in the book. I decided to make an abstract drawing of this map as a background for the card.

A variety of rejected "waves" that didn't work for one reason or another...

A variety of rejected “waves” that didn’t work for one reason or another…

I wanted to add a wave on top of the weather map background, with both wave and map visible on the card. That’s when the problems started. I tried using marker on top of acetate for the wave. No-go. The wave got lost with the colorful background.

I tried watercolor crayons over two different shades of tissue paper. More no-gos. The tissue paper was so thick the weather map didn’t show through.

I noticed the thin white foam padding inΒ  my water-color crayon box. I cut it in pieces and tried coloring a wave on top of it. The watercolor crayons were too light. But my marker set made a perfect wave. YAY! Then I glued the foam onto the clear acetate to try it over the background. Still looking good, but the marker was smearing. So I glued on another layer of acetate on top of the foam. OOPS! The “wave” was suddenly smeary and way too dark. Plus the glue never dried in the empty areas so the map, again, did not show. …sigh…

At this point, I gave up and went home. I bitched and moaned about the failure to my ever-loving hubby. I was going to go to bed since it was getting late. But, I went down to my craft room to look for other paper options. I found a few more things to try…

Vellum turned out to be too transparent. But the thin, sparkly tissue paper worked great! I didn’t go to bed after all but did just a little more work…adding the wave with water color crayons. I also added sparkle to the wave with irridescent glitter glue.

Ahhh…much closer to my original vision for the card. Perseverance really did pay off (this time, at least!)

Finished mini-art card

Finished mini-art card

5 thoughts on “What to Do When Nothing Looks Right…

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! Sometimes I worry that I am the only one who struggles and everyone else sits down and creates their lovelies with no trouble whatsoever:) Your hard work paid off in a wonderful way:) It’s beautiful!

  2. Jill, you have such patience and perseverance, and all so worthwhile for the reward of your finished work, thanks for sharing, and also the lesson πŸ™‚ your finished item is just lovely with it’s movement and beautiful colours.

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