Mini Art Challenge–7

Another week of reading. Another week of mini art on index cards. Another week of visiting S*bucks for coffee and creating. Another week of posting the results.

The official on-line challenge will end on July 31st.  (If you missed the explanation of this project, you can read about it HERE.) I’m having so much fun, I’ve decided to continue through at least the end of the summer.

"Let Them Be Eaten by Bears" by Peter Brown Hoffmeister

“Let Them Be Eaten by Bears” by Peter Brown Hoffmeister

This book gives practical, down-to-earth suggestions for getting outside and dragging your kids with you in enjoying nature. I was bored looking through photographs of outdoor scenes and grizzly bears. I decided to add some whimsy to this card by making it in the style of Laurel Burch. (You can see her website filled with bright, colorful, whimsical art HERE.) This was drawn first in pencil and outlined with a black scrapbook marker. Color was added with watercolor crayons brushed quickly with water to blend.

"The Artful Dodger" and "Urgent 2nd Class" by Nick Bantock

“The Artful Dodger” and “Urgent 2nd Class” by Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock does fascinating collage art for his books. “The Artful Dodger” is his autobiography. “Urgent 2nd Class” shows examples of his different styles of art and gives hints on how to try this on one’s own. This card followed one of the projects: I took a copy of an old photo (of my great-grandfather, Harrison Sparling, as a young boy) and cut the photo into 1″ squares. Some of the squares were twisted in different directions. Once the squares were glued down, I brushed the entire card with mod-podge (glue) and covered it with tissue paper, leaving the resulting wrinkles rather than smoothing it out. I rubbed away the tissue paper to let the face peak through. After everything dried, I considered lightly brushing the card with brown or metallic gold ink, but was too afraid of messing up an already good thing!

the Sabine & Griffin series by Nick Bantock

the Sabine & Griffin series by Nick Bantock

Over a few days, I worked my way through a series of postcard/letter books by Nick Bantock. The story of Sabine & Griffin crosses time and physical reality in surreal ways. I love the collaged art which includes paintings, sketches, found ephemera, stamps (real ones and made ones), photos, and more. This card is in a similar style. I made it with scraps left over from scrapbook projects. I included a copy of a photo of Nina Sparling, little sister to my great-grandfather Harrison Sparling.

Bonus Card--Based on Sermon #5 in a series by Pastor Tom Pauquette

Bonus Card–Based on Sermon #5 in a series by Pastor Tom Pauquette

In this sermon from his “Magnificent” series, Pastor Tom challenged his congregation to reflect God’s glory and image. This diamond was made by layering scraps cut from a variety of sparkly silver scrapbook paper. I used mini-glue-dots to add dimension to each of the three sections. The background was colored with watercolor crayons. Textured scrapbook paper was torn and layered to give the idea of coal–the darkness that becomes a sparkling diamond under extreme pressure.

"Snuff" by Terry Pratchett

“Snuff” by Terry Pratchett

I love the satire and entirely British humour of the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett. This was a re-read of one of the later books. In the climax scene, the main character helps to pilot a barge down a flooding river in the darkness, while fighting off evil kidnappers. I started this card with 5 stripes of scrapbook paper, from dark starry sky at the top to light water at the bottom. I drew the ship’s wheel on a tan scrap of paper, outlined it with a scrapbook marker, and cut it out. The waves were cut out of other paper and layered onto the background with the ship’s wheel. Finally, I cut out a gull and added it to the sky, letting it hang off the edge of the card. I like the frantic motion of this card!

"The Wave: in pursuit of the rogues, freaks, and giants of the ocean" by Susan Casey

“The Wave: in pursuit of the rogues, freaks, and giants of the ocean” by Susan Casey

I absolutely LOVED this book, filled with adventure and information about giant waves. The author follows extreme surfers in their quest to successfully ride a 100′ wave. She also travels the world talking with scientists and shipping companies. I like the finished card but, oh, it was difficult to make! (I wrote a little more about that angst HERE.) The background was a copy of a NASA map of Super Typhoon Nida, made with rich colors from watercolor crayons with no water wash to blend the colors. This is covered by thin tissue paper with a giant wave painted onto the paper with blended watercolor crayons. The wave is highlighted with sparkle glue.

Lesson #5 from "The Law of Love", a study on Deuteronomy by Beth Moore

Lesson #5 from “The Law of Love”, a study on Deuteronomy by Beth Moore

To make this card, I cut a silhouette from vanilla colored tissue paper. I lightly traced the outline onto the card and added the lettering. I then painted a wash background with watercolor crayons. I added darkly colored sections onto additional tissue paper and tore that into sections once it was dry. I drew lines on the silhouette with black, blue, and red scrapbook markers, to mimic wounds made by lashing/whipping. I covered that layer with bits of colored, torn paper, leaving wrinkles for dimension. I painted mod-podge glue over the entire silhouette to add even more dimension and to blend the layers. (You can read the story behind this card on my personal blog, HERE.)

I’m looking forward to making more mini-art in the coming week…

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