How do you like the new look of my artsy, creative blog? I’m moving in a new direction and decided it was time to update things around here.

A Colorful Self-Portrait

A Colorful Self-Portrait

My primary blog for the past few years was over HERE. It was a place to ponder and celebrate heading toward my 50th Birthday (May 2012). During that personal “Year of Jubilee” I joined some on-line classes and art groups. This blog was started as a place to highlight the art that I was making.

After this past summer of making art regularly, I’ve realized that I am now passionate about helping creativity not just survive but FLOURISH in my life. I am making my other blogs static, and will be focusing my time and attention to sharing all things creative and colorful here.

If you are not a regular reader of the birthday blog, I migrated two posts from this summer over to this blog. One is about decorating My Own Little Corner in our new house (HERE). The other is about becoming an Art Collector (HERE). I felt that both posts better belonged in the archives of this blog.

As always, I would love to hear your comments about what I’m doing or saying. I would also love to hear what YOU are doing to add color to your own corner of the world.

Thanks for joining me!

2 thoughts on “New…Updated…Improved?

  1. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to digest and comment on your new cyber-home. I am taking some time out today and am catching up with a few friends! I’m adding colour (with an extra letter!) to my own corner of the world by creating a place called Bearwood, near Bearton, England…which is gradually taking over my house! xxx

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