Christmas Card Challenge

I discovered an interesting blog post the other day. The artsy author issued a challenge to use one Christmas stamp and make 6 Christmas cards, with each design being as different from the others as possible. I discovered that I enjoyed the challenge to creativity. But I also discovered I HATE making fiddly cards! I’m going back to index cards and art journaling soon. You can see Darcy’s beautiful cards and read more about the challenge HERE.

Here is how I moved from a group of supplies to a huge mess to finished cards. (Since I knew this would make a mess, I chose to make two cards of each design.)

I dug through the bins and baskets in my craft room and took a walk through the local craft store. These are the foundational supplies I found, as a starting point for the cards. I chose a stamp with a dove and the word “peace.” as the centerpiece of the entire group.

The supplies...

The supplies…

Here is the First Card, made of black and white, with metallic silver doves and a pop of red watercolor crayon accent:

Card 1--Supplies

Card 1–Supplies

Card 1--In Progress

Card 1–In Progress

Card 1--Finished

Card 1–Finished

Here is the Second Card, made of sparkly things over a dark blue card with silver doves (outlined with black pen to make them stand out):

Card 2--Supplies

Card 2–Supplies

Card 2--In Progress

Card 2–In Progress

Card 2--Finished

Card 2–Finished

Here is the Third Card, made with metallic gold doves, some paper scraps and some blue, sparkly rub-ons:

Card 3--Supplies and In Progress

Card 3–Supplies and In Progress

Card 3--Finished

Card 3–Finished

By now, this is what my craft table looked like:

...a big MESS of jumbled supplies...

…a big MESS of jumbled supplies…

Here is the Fourth Card, made with blue Dylusions Ink spray and white acrylic paint, some bits of paper and a fake postage stamp, fun sparkly ribbon and a dove stamped in black ink on vellum:

Card 4--Supplies

Card 4–Supplies

Card 4--In Progress

Card 4–In Progress

Card 4--Finished

Card 4–Finished

Here is the Fifth Card, bright and cheery with yellow papers, a red flower paper border, red ribbon trim, and doves stamped in red: (one of my two favorites–I always enjoy wild colors!)

Card 5--Supplies

Card 5–Supplies

Card 5--In Progress

Card 5–In Progress

Card 5--Finished

Card 5–Finished

And here is the final (Sixth) card, looking like a dove in a cathedral, with paper bits for stone floor and soaring ceiling, ribbon for windows, and the dove stamped in gold (and black): (another favorite since it turned out the way I envisioned it!)

Card 6--Supplies

Card 6–Supplies

Card 6--Finished

Card 6–Finished

And here are all six cards together–Challenge COMPLETED!

Christmas Card Challenge -- COMPLETE

Christmas Card Challenge — COMPLETE

I have an idea of who I will be giving these cards to…I will share more about that in another post.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Card Challenge

  1. Thanks for taking part, I am glad you enjoyed the challenge. For someone who says they hate making cards you did a terrific job, I am impressed with all your progress shots and different mediums and techniques used. Number 1 is my fave. Totally love the shot of your desk, mine looks like that permanently lol

    • Thanks Darcy! This has been a year of stretching myself and letting my creativity FLOW. I appreciate those of you who set out great challenges which give me encouragement to try new things and something to focus on. I plan to keep an eye on what you are doing–I may find other ways to “play” along with you and your “tribe.”

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