Collaborative Art Project

A month ago I discovered an awesome collaborative art project. An artist in Canada put out a call for participants to help her craft her vision for a giant bird, covered with feathers from around the world. Eventually she hopes to turn this into a traveling exhibition. More information about her vision can be found HERE.

I enjoyed the process of making two feathers. Here are some details of the process:

I cut front and back for each feather from a cardboard box and glued the sides together (shiny printed sides inwards). Then I covered each feather with gesso to make a better surface.

Cut out feather shapes

Cut out feather shapes

Glue together and cover with gesso

Glue together and cover with gesso

Then I started playing. I knew I wanted these feathers to be bright and cheery (of course!) One I painted with layers of acrylic paint, letting it dry between layers to limit mixing the colors. The other I sprayed with Dylusions Ink Spray. Once it was dry, I added more color and detail with my favorite watercolor crayons.

Decorating the surfaces

Decorating the surfaces

Almost done

Almost done

I finished by adding clear glitter to both feathers to really make them shine. Once everything was dry, I punched a hole in each feather “stem” and added a ribbon (which is how the feathers will be attached to the bigger project.)

Detail (I LOVE the pink polka-dots, don't you?)

Detail (I LOVE the pink polka-dots, don’t you?)

More muted...but lots of sparkle makes me happy!

More muted…but lots of sparkle makes me happy!

The hardest part of all this for me was bundling up the feathers and actually getting them in the mail. (Have I confessed before that I am “postally-impaired”?!) I was excited to find out today that the feathers have been received. You can see the fb notification of that, including a short video, HERE.

Finally, if you would like to keep up-to-date with this project including photos of other feathers as they arrive and photos of the finished art installation, please consider “liking” the facebook page of the artist Yanik Falardeau Avoxtar HERE.



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