100 Days of Summer

Who says summer is a time for kicking back and relaxing? In the online artsy world, summer challenges abound. A painting a day sounded too big and daunting. Doing a repeat year of ICAD (see below) was too boring. Ditto to logging all the books I read. Art journal every day? Explore new media or new techniques every day? Do art with my daughter every day? Too overwhelming.

100 Days of Summer -- a photo a day

100 Days of Summer — a photo a day

I finally decided to set myself a personal challenge. I am taking a photo each day, showing something representative of that day’s activities. Then I post that day’s photo on Tumblr. You can see the project HERE.

This challenge has stretched me in unexpected ways. I’m much more aware of my surroundings, noticing that I’m frequently scanning for something photo-worthy. Some days hold repetitive tasks which makes me figure out new ways to show that activity. Other days I have a camera full of wonderful pictures and it is hard to choose just one to post for the day. Finally, I’m learning to keep at least my mini-camera with me at all times. Please don’t ask me about the “photos that got away” because I was unprepared!

Here are a few representative photos from the half-way point of the project:

Some are "artsy"

Some are “artsy”

Some are relaxed

Some are relaxed

Some are full of action

Some are full of action

and some are beautiful!

and some are beautiful!

LAST SUMMER: As some of you may remember, last summer I participated in an online challenge called  ICAD (Index Card a Day). Participants made a mini work of art each day and posted them online. (You can scroll down the right side of this page and click on ICAD under Categories to see my summer’s worth of book art on index cards if you missed it in real time.)

I’m curious. What are YOU doing with your lazy days of summer this year?

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