Another collage based on the backpacking adventure my daughter and I had last fall. We spent 6 weeks on the Appalachian Trail. We had many wonderful, enjoyable, seeing-beautiful-things, moments. But we also had exhausted, must-take-a-break, why-in-the-world-are-we-doing-this times. I wanted to memorialize the difficult as well as the good. So here is my version of a contemplative hiker, resting along the trail before getting up to walk again. Resting Hiker

Here are some in process steps:

Gather bits and pieces of maps and charts for rocks and path. Sketch out hiker. Resting Hiker_piecesUse Inktense watercolor pencils to add dimension and color to rocks and path and to add tree trunks to anchor the forest. Resting Hiker_watercolorI wanted something different for the leafy woods. Since I was working at a local coffee-shop, I came up with the idea to cover inner side of corrugated coffee “sleeve” with green from inktense pencils. I then stamped this color all over the background. I will definitely use this technique in the future! Resting Hiker_stamping leaves

Next, I sketched the hiker onto heavy watercolor paper and colored it in with inktense pencils. After brushing it with water, I let it dry. Later, I glued it onto the appropriate boulders. I like the little bit of extra dimension this hiker adds to the collage.Resting Hiker_dimensional figure

Here is what I thought was the finished collage. When I looked back at it a few days later, I hated that the trees in the middle background were “floating.” So I added a little more dirt plus grass, to anchor them. (See actual finished collage at top of page.) Resting Hiker_finished?

I am greatly enjoying playing with collage right now. And any art that includes MAPS always makes my heart sing!

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