Art Journaling…in a Bible?!

There is a new craze out there…making art related to Bible passages. I hate to be “one of the crowd” but I am enjoying this new form of creativity. For many folks this is a form of worship. For me, although it allows me to ponder the words I read, it is a way to be creative in short bursts. There is something freeing about completing an art project from start to finish in one trip to the coffee shop! (It reminds me of the summer challenge to complete mini art every day. See more info about that project HERE.)

I keep coming back to this verse over and over. After the death of a son, I clung to my need for HOPE. (To be honest, even eight years later, I still need hope and I still come back to this verse for comfort.) In this Message Bible translation, I love the image of growing things and new life. It took me awhile to figure out how to make the hands also look like a loving heart! (Romans 15:13)Hope_Romans 15:13

Hope_Romans 15:13In different seasons of life, different soundtracks play in my head. During the grieving season, this song by Laura Story was an encouragement. The lyrics could have fit so many verses, but the introduction notes to Psalms felt like a good place to make this art. I wanted to tree to look spiky and dead, with just a few bits of new life beginning to grow. (from the song “Blessings” by Laura Story) Blessings_Laura Story

Blessings_Laura StoryHere is another entry influenced by music. (from the song “Shoulders” by For God & Country, Psalms 28:8-9)Carried_Psalms 28:8-9_Shoulders_For God & Country

Carried_Psalms 28:8-9_Shoulders_For God & CountryOne day I was relaxing in a cafe that serves fair-trade coffee. The “adinka” symbol and explanation were on the cup-sleeve. I found similar ideas in the intro to the book of Ephesians and added the art. Then I realized there is a similar idea in Navajo culture, so added that to the top of the page. Reconciliation_Ephesians


Reconciliation_HozhroDaughter and I spent 6 weeks on an epic backpacking adventure on the Appalachian Trail. (Read more about our adventures HERE) There were dark night with scary sounds. There were steep sections of trail–walking beside drop-offs or clambering over boulders. Whenever we were afraid, daughter and I repeated these verses to each other. Seemed like a good place to add some art to remind me of that time… (Psalms 91:11-12)Protection_Psalms 91:11-12

Protection_Psalms 91:11-12At this point in my artistic journey, I prefer making mixed-media art that is rich with layers. But these quick scribbles are a wonderful way to enjoy sweet art when time is limited. (Kinda like gobbling down a decadent dessert rather than taking time for a 5 course dinner.)

(A few “nuts and bolts” before anyone asks: these doodles were done with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. Writing was done with EK Success zig-writers. I used no page prep. Also, some folks may be uncomfortable with covering up words in a holy book. I’m using an old Bible that has been sitting unused for years. I read from a digital version now. I love making new use of something previously abandoned! And this way I can make full-page art, rather than being limited to a few inches of margin in one of the new “Journaling Bibles.”)

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