Craving COLOR

On the dismal, gray, overcast days of winter in the heartland, I crave color. I wish I was on a tropical beach. It is not just a longing for warmth. I need something bright. I long for the turquoise skies of the cold high desert in New Mexico. I dream of the contrast between dark green evergreens and sparkling white snow in Vermont’s mountains.

But…I’m stuck under the clouds of central Ohio. Since my to-do list allows no time to hibernate in my lounge chair for months on end, I found an alternate coping mechanism. I splurge on FLOWERS! Gray WinterThe shimmery lights and sparkling colors of Christmas get me through the dark days in December. That’s also the time to plant a giant amaryllis bulb…or two. They usually bloom just when I’m getting desperate for more color in January.amaryllis_red

amaryllis_candy stripedAnd as the amaryllis plants, with their long spindly leaves and top-heavy stems, begin to droop, the local market starts carrying bright cheery daffodils. Ahhh…promises that spring is on the way. sunny daffodilsThis year I needed extra color…and a little bit of whimsy. So I painted myself a few more flowers. I’ve propped up the original sketches on top of my piano. And I’ve used color copies to make notecards, mixed media collage and art journaling. I might survive the winter blahs, after all! spring flowers


I’m curious. What is this season like where you live? Is it bright warm summer? Sparkling crisp winter? Or year-round tropical paradise? If you deal with winter doldrums, how do YOU add color to your world? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments…

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