Painting Night-Out

Have you tried the latest entertainment craze? You know, gathering for an evening with a group of folks to paint a canvas, with or without a glass of wine. Artsy people love it while the whole idea stresses out those who think they lack creativity. Really, though, it’s not much more difficult than paint by numbers. The cheerleader-like instructor gives step by step instruction with lots of hand-holding for those who are nervous.

Then there are folks like me. The ones who don’t color inside the lines. The ones who prefer to do their own thing. Thankfully, that’s also allowed at these painting evenings. Here is a mountain sunset I painted a few weeks ago at one of these events: Sunset In the Mountains

These are the photos I used as a guide (taken from a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail last fall. I blogged about that adventure HERE): 20151016_102838_WEB

appalachian mountains_sunset

Here are the beginning stages: paint pallette_primary colors

laying down color

Then I added more details: mountain contours

flowers in the grass

Followed by filling in the sunset sky: paint pallette_sunset colors

sunset sky

Here’s the finished painting: finished painting_sunset over the mountains

I’m quite happy with the results: colorful art for my wall which brings back good memories of a fall adventure. Definitely good entertainment value from a painting night-out!


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