Nature’s Heart

Daughter and I have spent the past month on an epic backpacking adventure on the Appalachian Trail, returning to hike another section after our first trip last fall. (As always, if you want to read more about our wanderings check out my other blog HERE.) A friend challenged daughter to collect “hearts” along the trail, taking photos of each one she finds while walking in the woods. Here are some of our favorites: rock heart 1

rock heart 2

puddle heart

leaf heart 1

leaf heart 2

rock heart 3

moss heart

rock heart 4

lichen heart 1

leaf heart 5

lichen heart 2

lichen heart 3

leaf heart 3

rock heart 5

rock heart 6

Last fall we summarized one of the key reasons we hike with this photo: Seek Beauty_natures heart

Looking for Nature’s Heart this spring certainly helped us in our goal to seek beauty wherever we wander!


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