My Creating Place (and a new class)

I have realized over the past few months that I have very specific *needs* for my Creating Place, whether I am writing or making art. Much as I would like to work effectively at home, no matter where I sit or how I arrange my art supplies, I just can’t seem to get motivated to actually make things. I can write lists and brainstorm plans, but creativity apparently runs away and hides in the corners of my rooms. creative place_art studio

After pondering it for awhile, I finally had to admit to myself that going to a local coffee shop IS my creative place! I need the background noise of music and coffee making and conversation…noise I largely ignore but haven’t yet been able to duplicate at home. I need the warmth of wood walls and wood tables and comfy chairs. And, after the first few sips, I apparently need the paper cup of sweet coffee creation to gradually cool to tepid when I sink deep into creating! coffee shop_art studio

We were across the country from home for the month of September, living in our RV and spending time with family. During that time, I made art and wrote lesson instructions in a variety of small town coffee shops in Texas Hill Country. Ahhhh…beautiful scenery, smiling grandbabies, and creative work was lovely! coffee love_barista art

You can find a link to my latest online class (created in those Texas coffee shops) HERE. Check it out! If you are dealing with a significant loss and struggle to balance grief with celebrating your loved one, I’d love to have you join us. Some of these crafts would also be a fun addition to any family celebration. papel picado_celebration banner

Sorry to run but I need to grab my bag of supplies and get out the door. My Creating Place (aka Coffee Shop) is calling. It’s time to make more art…

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